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world stem cell therapy

World Stem Cell Therapy an overview

In the United States there have been numerous starts and stops in the scientific community exploring stem cell research for the past 25 years. Unfortunately most of the current regulation is based on political or big pharmas desires.

A tremendous amount of  funding has been expended by the NIH, National institute of Health, to aid in the process of development in stem cell therapies. Additionally there are a number of other ongoing clinical trials in the US, which have the permission of the FDA under the rules of an IND, investigational new drug/device basis. The basis of the studies are tightly regulated in terms of their scope of treatment, number of patients and methods employed. These limitations are required under the IND certification and create an extremely costly method of proceeding with treatments for most clients. All these delays while patients wait in the hopes that they will someday have stem cell treatments available in the USA. Many are going offshore for Stem Cell therapy to enjoy a better quality of life now.

Unlike the US, overseas governments have chosen very different regulations and actually encourage experimentation with newer and potentially more available cell lines and therapies. USA is not at this time #1 in world stem cell therapy.

Stem cells that are used for therapy  in a  clinical setting, are bone marrow, umbilical chord blood, placental blood, adipose (fat) and dental extractions. The cells are derived from the patient (Autologous) or umbilical cord blood (Allogeneic) which should be matched to the patient.

World Stem Cells Clinic and World Stem Cells, LLC provides Stem Cell Therapy for many of the disease we will cover on the website see